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How crazy of thinking is this? California is just as much a state is every other state in United States, and I love California because I was raised there but what it was in 1969 and what it became 4 years ago are two radically different things.

No American citizen anywhere should be forced to learn a foreign language to get a good-paying job or held back from your true earning potential because of their race or their citizenship, and that’s what Orange County, California did all the American citizens would a right to be there and who should have had a right to very high paying professional type jobs required education- which was totally wrong.

I’m a person with two college degrees, Honor Roll, Dean’s List and graduates graduated from a Master’s program by simply doing the work.

I am proud of all those things and I worked my___ off to get those things bettering myself when other people were goofing off.

California does a disservice to every American citizen born in that state or in the country for that matter.

Born in this country and English speaking and proud of my Heritage. In Vegas you don’t get a job UNLESS you speak English. California has its priorities backwards.

If you speak English fluently here you get good paying jobs. In California 4 years ago before I moved here, the only job that paid $50,000 with full benefits that I could get was a trash collector!

Ha ha.

What a slap in my face to go through four job books the size of phone books to see that!

Although they didn’t call it that I think the euphemistic term was sanitation engineer. At any rate it’s a trash collector.

People like me and all my other white friends who were born in this country became foreigners in their own country and that is absolutely wrong.

I know that California meant well when it wanted to make sure that every Foreigner- mainly in OC California is Mexican and Vietnamese, could understand what was going on and that’s why they made it bilingual only.

But when you start segregating the Americans back with an invisible arm give you them garbage Vietnamese and Mexicans that is absolutely anti-American and goes against every grain that I know as a human being is right.

Basically is against every American citizens civil rights to know that when you start looking around at all the managers in Orange County California take a look how many Vietnamese or Mexican.

It was not the Mexican’s or the Vietnamese’ fault but the government’s fault for allowing it to happen.

I’m not racist because most of my friends are Mexican and I had a couple of really high functioning intelligent English speaking Vietnamese, but they were a rarity in Orange County.

The Vietnamese were racist and most of them hate white people as I got Spit On by many of them.

The government did that by moving over a bunch of Vietnamese from Vietnam An Vietnam and giving them a large block of land in what was once called Garden Grove where I used to live and it’s now called Little Saigon.

Here in Las Vegas when I first moved here and was out by the strip doing the job and what’s called Little China here Chinatown it’s an amalgam of Vietnamese, Chinese, Korean, and Japanese and everybody speaks English and is kind and is mannerly.

I thought I died and went to heaven the moment I went to Starbucks and a really nice Vietnamese lady opened the door for me and told me to have a good day in English!

It’s a small price to pay to learn a language of a country that has more freedoms in it than any other country in the Free World and to have respect for American citizens who live there.

Stormy Daniels Sues Trump for Defamation – Bloomberg

I hope she sues for more than that and wins hands down and sets a precedent for defamation of character and makes Trump think before he speaks and opens his mouth flirting derogatory comments to everyone he comes in contact with. He has a strange mentality for a president of firing everybody has a disagreement with. No one in history of the United States of America has done that, and it shouldn’t be allowed . We, is American people and I as an American citizen don’t want that kind of bad press reflecting back at me as an American . I don’t want other countries looking in thinking that all Americans are the way Trump is because I stand for the opposite of what he does.

There are repercussions for what Trump says and does that we all pay for unfortunately.

Trump doesn’t realize that yet. If she wins, which she should, because defamation of character is wrong, hopefully it will deter Trump in the future for saying so many insults to women.

Trump has not had to pay for any of the things that he has done so far.

In his presidency Trump managed to get North and South Korea to shake hands, which I’ll give him full credit for, but by and large, I don’t care for much of what he’s done as President; his anti-American values, racism, and hatred towards women and other topics make America as a whole look bad.

Written and compiled by Paulette L. Motzko.

April 30th, 2018. 12:21 p.m.