Hoping for a new president other countries don’t make fun of.

Good for the U.S. judge who wouldn’t sign what Trump wanted to end allowing immigrants in the USA.

The United States is composed of immigrants and has always been an extraordinary place because of that fact.

Freedom is what all Americans have when residing in America.

Trump needs to read that everyone has the rights to believe whatever faith they choose. He also needs to focus on being a better human being and president and get off Twitter.
I will be so elated when finally everyone will have become so sick and tired of Trump’s apathy, racism, and power hungry, dictator mentality that we impeach him. It is in progress.

Then maybe other countries won’t make fun of The United States any longer.

Having Trump as president is tarnishing the United States reputation and image.

That fact alone should be enough to allow the USA a suitable replacement.

Thar is my humble opinion on The Political Thinktank.com.

Written by

Paulette Le Pore Motzko.

February 13th 2018

5:53 p.m.